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Greetings from BHIS – Kelambakkam.
    Ray Billabong is always known for its unique teaching methodology based on Multiple Intelligences Theory, Bloom’s Taxonomy, the usage of inter-disciplinary approach, consideration to different learning styles of children, neuroscience, and the creation of positive energy. Integrated and Collaborative learning helps to paint the big picture
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What Sets RAY Billabong Apart

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RAY BILLABONG HIGH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, KELAMBAKKAM, CHENNAI (RAY BHIS-K), is nestled in the lush green meadows of Kelambakkam.

Perched in the “Knowledge Village” of Thaiyur, the school stands uniquely as a “home for learners” for the city of Chennai. Since inception, the curriculum and teaching strategy have both excited the students and their parents of the school.

The students deem it a pleasure to be in precincts of the school, as they experience a delightful and joyful learning in toto.

We welcome you to tread the path of “Excellence in Education” at RAY BHIS-K.

Discover our School

RAY Billabong Kelambakkam is a unique school that has been established for the city of Chennai. It believes in value-based education that transforms the child to understand and maintain a healthy lifestyle, appreciation for the environment and understanding various cultures, religions, and languages. The school inculcates holistic development in the CAIE curriculum from Grades 5 to 10 such that children remain highly engaged in the learning process.


Apply for Admission

Admissions Open 2021-22 from preschool to grade 5 to grade 10

Admission Process

School Discovery Tour

Following the registration of a prospective student, parents and family members are given a discovery tour by one of the school functionaries.


The admissions counsellor is the one-point contact for orienting parents with the educational philosophy implemented by the school and the curriculum. This is followed by an extensive orientation of the admissions process and important school policies.

Admission Kit

Following the orientation, parents can purchase an admission kit with information related to the admission process, student eligibility criteria and the fee structure and the online admissions process will then be followed to admit the student to the school.

Our Recent Activities

National Mathematics Day National Mathematics Day Date: 22-Dec-21 Time: 3:30pm

Bharathiyar Day Bharathiyar Day Date: 11-Dec-21 Time: 09:00am Zoom ID: 89193943672

Virtual Valedictory Event Virtual Valedictory Event 2021-2022 Date: 10-Dec-21 Time: 3:30pm Zoom ID: 88516647960

Upcoming Events

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