Academic Faculty

Ms. Asma Nainar
A highly qualified professional in the field of commerce and marketing, Ms Asma Nainar has been the pillar for leadership and the flag bearer for the management vision to drive Education and not just Literacy in the society. Ms Asma is motivated by the passion for education that she sees in her family members most of whom are engaged in this profession. Ms Asma is highly determined to make the academic and administrative faculty work together as teams that complement each other to deliver quality education. The Joint Managing Trustee of Rayyan Educational Trust, Ms Asma has played a key role from inception of Billabong High International School, Kelambakkam in ensuring that parents and students are provided an open-door policy of interaction with school management to ensure a smooth delivery of the learning objectives of the school. Ms Asma has taken utmost care to ensure both teachers and students make school their second home and love to come to school everyday. Through her dedication and visionary thinking the school won the award for Innovative Curriculum Delivery at the Eldrok Summit Chennai held in October 2019.
Ms. Padmapriya Sreeram
CAIE Coordinator

A Cost Accountant by education and a teacher by choice, Padmapriya strongly believes that education is the torch that guides children out of the darkness called ignorance and into the brightness of awareness and knowledge. She feels that children thrive in a warm and welcoming environment and guiding them in a language they enjoy most is what she deems most important. Sharing experiences and constructing ideas that lead to new theories is part of her teaching process to deliver a deeper understanding of key concepts. She constantly strives to create a rich environment for inquiry and tries to connect learning with communities and practices beyond the classroom. She feels most alive around kids and their energy and vibrancy adds a spring to her steps. Influencing and inspiring the young minds to be lifelong learner is her humble attempt as she steers them into promising times ahead. Besides teaching her love for food, travel and reading sees her chronicling these adventures online.

Ms. Ramani Esther Samuel
English Language Educator

Ramani is an experienced English teacher with a flair for writing and love for plays. She teaches both English Language and Literature. Her aim is to build students’ confidence in English communication and to promote reading and love for literature. She also believes in molding a student’s personality to help them become considerate and caring future citizens of our country. She aspires to make the English classes fun and engaging so that every student learns effectively and puts the knowledge to good use. She feels euphoric when she sees her students learn something from her and use it aptly. Some of her strengths are being organized, humorous, amiable, helpful, adaptable, and getting work done quickly. She is also a lover of animals, nature, and History. She strongly believes that everyone should keep learning for as long as they live.

Hashmath Fahira Khan
Science Educator

Highly enthusiastic and forward-thinking, Ms. Hashmath Fahira is a degree holder in Bio-medical Engineering and in Education. She exhibits proven ability for discovering students' varying learning styles and ensures their unique academic needs are met, fostering parental care in all spheres. She is well- rounded with excellent interpersonal, organizational, and problem-solving skills and positively reinforces learning as a lifelong process. She strongly believes in constructive teaching practices considering the vitality of self-reflection. Her passion towards Education led her to invest unwavering commitment and rigorous performance to sensitize different learning perspectives.

Shiny Shajil
Science Teacher & Activities Coordinator

From a Post Graduate student of Biotechnology to an aspirant teacher and now the Activities Coordinator of Billabong High International School Kelambakkam, her journey has been no less than a dream come true. Having joined BHIS-K in the year 2018, Ms.Shiny Shajil simultaneously enrolled herself into Cambridge International Diploma of teaching & learning (CIDTL) and acquired theoretical as well as practical skills pertaining to active teaching methodologies. With a double distinction, Ms.Shiny was able to successfully complete her diploma by multitasking between her responsibilities as a teacher and coordinator. She has extended her horizons as an Educator by teaching subjects such as English, History, Geography and Economics apart from her expertise as a Biology Teacher. Ms.Shiny is an avid reader and enjoys penning down her thoughts which has helped her earn the position as the Editor in Chief of the School's Weekly Newsletter - Cherries. Her interest in technology helped her to explore more into creative designing and she has been instrumental in heading the advertisement team and the various social media platforms of the school. Having attended diverse teacher training workshops, Ms.Shiny has herself conducted training workshops for her fellow colleagues. From starting out as a fresher to having etched her name in the hearts of her students Ms.Shiny Shajil aspires to inspire her students to follow their dreams and achieve them.

ICT Educator

Vaishnavi is an enthusiastic, innovative and student-centered teaching professional dedicated to providing students the abilities to reach their full potential. An aspiring teacher with highly refined skill set including classroom management, lesson planning, and organization, Vaishnavi is committed to grooming responsible and well-educated members of the community. She is particularly skilled at communicating complex information in a simple and entertaining manner. She is proficient in a range of teaching styles and principles. She has exemplary communication skills in written and spoken form. She is passionate about teaching and leading student success. She endeavors to sustain quality student engagement with creative classroom skills and abilities. A self-driven leader with excellent interpersonal skills, Vaishnavi enjoys effectively collaborating with all staff members and fosters quality relationship with students and parents.

Stella Shoba
Tamil Language Educator

Stella is a versatile Tamil facilitator who is highly proficient in the language. Her profound knowledge of the subject has spawned an admirable career of over 10 years. She prides herself as an inclusive facilitator who has trained slow learners extensively. She has also authored third language books for Tamil. She demonstrates outstanding coordinating skills within the department. Besides training children for external competitions like extempore, elocution, drama to name a few, Stella strives to  develop learners with very high levels of competence with regard to both oracy and literacy in the regional language.

Jalaja Ganesh
Social Science Educator

Ms. Jalaja Ganesh holds a master’s degree in Commerce besides a bachelor’s degree in Education. She possesses good knowledge of basic computing skills and is an experienced Social Science educator.  She is assiduous and committed. She completely believes in Student centric education and raises standards of student attainment and achievement by constantly monitoring and supporting their progress.  She communicates with the students effectively and motivates them. She feels satisfied when she converts  late bloomer to a fragrant flower and strongly believes that sequential and systemic instruction and practice should be continually applied through a process of extension, expansion and illumination that takes advantage of students' academic progress and growth. She has cultivated moral values along with education and has got appreciation from many parents. She converts tough syllabus into easy learning through her creative method of teaching and ensures the understanding of the learners by assessing them regularly.

Mrs. Bauviya
Science and French Educator

Ms. Bauviya, has completed her Masters degree in Biotechnology. She is a kind and passionate educator, committed to delivering her learners a holistic and enriching learning experience. With her love for learning, teaching and working with young children, she aspires to become a teacher who can make her students realize their potential and become successful individuals. She believes in strong child centric teaching methodologies that bring out the best in every child. She is passionate about engaging with BHIS-K team members to ensure that academics and activities are blended well to deliver a sound learning environment for every child in the school.

Mr. S. Selva Gobin Abraham
English Educator

Mr Selva Gobin, M.A., B. Ed in English Literature is a dedicated, resourceful, and goal-driven English educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of students. Having a robust teaching experience of 10 years globally, Mr Gobin has developed an exceptional ability to establish cooperative, professional relationships with parents, staff, and administration. He aims to bring an open mind, a positive attitude, and high expectations to the classroom each day. He believes that he owes it to his students, as well as the community, to bring consistency, diligence, and warmth to his job in the hope that he can ultimately inspire and encourage such traits in the children as well.

Mr Paul Dawson
Music Teacher

Mr. Paul Dawson is a singer, songwriter, music composer, instrumentalist and a teacher who has been involved in the creation of music from an early age of 12. Mr .Dawson's music focuses on social cause; emotions and he aims at facilitating education in music that is on par with the innovative education system of the school.

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