Remote Learning during the Pandemic

The RL Methodology @ BHIS-K

As much as a home cannot be replicated as a school, learning inside a school cannot be remodelled totally at home by simply switching over to E-Learning. Remote Learning is a challenge and rightfully so when we found out about it during the Covid 19 Pandemic.
BHIS-K teachers are used to using technology in school as all the teachers have been provided with smart boards and laptops to prepare and deliver their classes. Hence they used these tools to analyse each and every aspect of remote learning and have adopted a basket of strategies to keep the learning at home interactive, relevant, simple, and effective.
In tune with our  vision of keeping our students educated and not just literate, our academic faculty invested the best methods through pooling a variety of techniques and resources. These strategies replicated actual classrooms to a great extent and used appropriate tools to engage students and support inclusive learning.
Age appropriate methods were used to ensure that students and parents don’t find the learning at home burdensome but rather blending in with the home environment.

It is not just about E-Learning

 Teaching AreaKindergartenPrimary SchoolMiddle School
Pre Class PreparationLive Parent Interaction through videoDiscussion with students and written instructions to parentsDiscussion with students
In Class TeachingLive Teaching through video – Stories and Rhymes Live Teaching through video, recorded video, flipped classroom – English, Mathematics, Languages, Environmental Studies

Recorded video – Co-Scholastic subjects

Live Teaching through video and flipped classroom – all Scholastic Subjects

Recorded video – Co-Scholastic subjects

Post Class AssessmentVerbal Feedback to ParentsWritten Assessment based on submissionsWritten Assessment based on submissions and discussions with parents

Example of various parent interaction sessions with KG parents

An example of a recorded video lesson by Hindi Teacher Ms Kalpana

Hybrid Approach where student is conducting knowledge sharing exercise with the rest of the class